Liam’s Kendama Contest Win

When I dropped Liam off at Rhys’ party at Sweets Kendamas, they had a contest to see who could do the most tricks without messing up. I stayed for a minute trying to get a photo because I was surprised at how many kids there were there (twenty five). Luckily for me it was difficult to get all the kids at once so I got to see the contest’s end, where it was down to Liam and one other kid.

Rosemount Haunted Trail

Nothing haunted about it, and it is just a trail in the middle of the park, but Ada and Liam were dressed up and at least they got some candy.

I learned that spelling isn’t any better in the suburbs than in the city.


Liam with an audience.IMG_20151024_174453

Ada’s happy with her hot chocolate.IMG_20151024_175024 IMG_20151024_180302 IMG_20151024_181638 IMG_20151024_183456 IMG_20151024_183706