Ada’s Birthday

Ada started out her birthday morning by cleaning up her big mess in the house, but once done with that I asked her to come out to the garage to get her bike where she found her birthday present – a balance beam. Liam seemed to enjoy it as well, but wouldn’t do much on it other than hop from the trampoline onto it.

After that we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for awhile. In the summer, they have lots of activities outside, but today they had much more than usual. Painting, drawing, board games, lawn games, bubbles, dancing, and more and more.

We did go inside to see what was going on and to do the scavenger hunt. We were confused by the scavenger hunt because it was a bit different than usual, but once we actually read the directions on the front, we got it done pretty quickly.

Ada then took us all to Chipotle for dinner. The rule is that the kid picks a place to go and all she wanted was a cheese quesadilla. But she did get a large one.

Then it was time for cake and to open presents.

New York Trip Day 8

The next morning we drove back to Gloversville to visit some others. We did get to see Mary and Ryan and then Susan.

Before that, we went and walked around Johnson Hall and saw the Johnstown Battlefield nearby. We also went to the house where I grew up where we walked around the back yard some. I even think I may have found one of my mother’s pots from so many years ago.

2014-08-03-11h29m43 2014-08-03-11h14m14 2014-08-03-11h27m55 2014-08-03-12h23m14 2014-08-03-15h09m46After that, it was time to get back to Minneapolis.

That night we stayed in Erie, PA and by ten the next night we were back home in our own beds. But along the way, we had one success – Ada finally got something in her chopsticks. I guess by the time I had taken a photo, she had already eaten it.


New York Trip Day 7

We spent the day at the racetrack in Saratoga. Between Liam, Helena, and I, we didn’t even lose $30, so we’ll consider that a success.

2014-08-02-12h01m10 2014-08-02-13h40m39

The spring water was quite a hit!


Dad showing the kids how it is done.

2014-08-02-13h52m38Trackside – Ada is there, too!

2014-08-02-15h27m50 2014-08-02-15h36m45Liam watching the television screens to watch another of his losing horses. Judging by this photo, there was at least one point in time when he thought that he had a chance.

In the last race, there was a horse by the name of Plainview, which is where my car broke down a few days earlier. It was another loser.




We watched a couple of races upstairs, too.

Saratoga is a nice place to get real close to the horses. From the literature there, it is the only track where the horses have to walk through the crowds to get from the paddocks to the track.


Later we drove to Lake George where we saw the (closed) Fort William Henry, Lake George (the lake) and played miniature golf – 36 holes worth.

2014-08-02-19h47m00 2014-08-02-19h57m38 2014-08-02-19h59m56 2014-08-02-20h03m10 2014-08-02-20h03m34 2014-08-02-21h40m13 2014-08-02-21h40m43

New York Trip Day 6

In the morning we had to say goodbye to Libby, Sofia, and Jake. Sofia took it a little harder than the other two, unfortunately. But here they are playing.2014-08-01-09h53m53

We left a little later for upstate where we ate Garlic White pizza at House of Pizza and drove around a bit looking at my old houses and schools.  We did get to visit Linda and Carl, then Mike and Ambyr, and finally Dan and Margaret before heading back to our hotel. Which smelled like smoke I heard over and over again.

2014-08-01-14h44m57 2014-08-01-17h42m36 2014-08-01-17h43m00

New York Trip Day 5

We began the day by a trip to the store because Jeanette and I were going to make dinner for everyone. But Jeanette has been eyeing the Baskin Robbins’ for a couple of days by now so she had to stop.


Then it was another, and longer, day at the beach. The waves were just a tiny bit larger today, so we spent a heck of a lot of time being knocked over by them. By the time we got home, we found lots of sand and rocks in places that you usually don’t.

Once home and after dinner, we had a short birthday party for the August birthday girls Ada (the 10th) and Sofia (the 15th).

2014-07-31-21h28m50 2014-07-31-21h33m34 IMG_20140731_213728-MOTION

And Ada and Sofia went to bed late this night, too.

We also said a goodbye to Dori and dad who left for New York City that night.

New York Trip Day 4

We got off to a late start because Ada and Sofia stayed up too late the night before watching a movie, but eventually we made it out to Montauk despite the busy road.

There we went up the Montauk Point Lighthouse, except for Jake who was too little to be let up.

2014-07-30-14h39m24 2014-07-30-14h45m07

This one is atop the lighthouse, but it was so bright in the back that it is difficult to see, although you can tell it was a little breezy.2014-07-30-15h22m56 2014-07-30-15h26m04 2014-07-30-15h36m42 2014-07-30-15h44m08After that it was off to get lunch and then to Hither Hills beach. There was some confusion as to whether the beach was closed once the lifeguards went off duty so we didn’t stay too long.

2014-07-30-17h44m22 2014-07-30-17h44m31 2014-07-30-17h50m02We spent some time laughing at Jake, who doesn’t like the water too much, but did enjoy chasing the seagulls around.


If that wasn’t enough excitement, Libby and Peter treated the kids to ice cream on the way home.

2014-07-30-18h10m13 2014-07-30-18h10m25 2014-07-30-19h04m41



New York Trip Day 3

Just 20 minutes away from Libby’s house the inside car lights and other electronic doo dads suddenly went out so I knew that my alternator just bit the dust. Unfortunately, it was 2:00 am and we were on the Northern State Parkway at the time.



Jeanette and I ended up having to push the car up into a Holiday Inn parking lot while Helena steered the car into a parking space. Luckily she has practiced her driving at Valleyfair this year so she did pretty well.

2014-07-29-02h20m54Anyway, Libby was called and came to get us in her van and we arrived at her place around 3:00 am.

Later that day my father and Dori also came to Libby’s. I have no idea why, but I have no photos of us that day. We ate, played badminton and basketball, got a bit of sleep and played with Sofia and Jake.


New York Trip Day 2

We stayed in London, Ontario, about two hours from the border crossing and two hours from Niagara Falls where we would cross back into the United States.

Another car like ours was parked adjacent to ours and we posed in front of it because it seemed so much nicer.

2014-07-28-09h53m24 2014-07-28-09h50m18After only a slight detour because of a missed highway, we arrived at Niagara Falls.2014-07-28-13h39m55 2014-07-28-13h52m07 2014-07-28-12h24m22 2014-07-28-12h30m44 2014-07-28-12h38m07 2014-07-28-13h37m20 2014-07-28-13h38m23

Ada found the tourist pamphlets that she likes so much and loaded up.

2014-07-28-14h15m41Once back in the United States, we made our way to Rochester to see where I went to college and to where I used to work – Salvatore’s Pizza on East Main. It has changed a lot but they have photos up of what it looked like when I was there. We also had our first half moon cookie there.

2014-07-28-18h23m52 2014-07-28-17h43m33From there we went to the Erie Canal in Pittsford.

2014-07-28-18h58m20 2014-07-28-18h52m47 2014-07-28-18h53m31

And whenever I go back to New York, I end up missing the grocery stores there because they are so poor here in Minneapolis.

2014-07-28-19h24m23 2014-07-28-19h17m34 2014-07-28-19h19m44We left Rochester after 7:30 pm to begin the last leg of the drive to Long Island. It was all going so well until ….

New York Trip Day 1

We left the house at 7:00 am, but an hour later the kids were already sleeping.


We drove to Manitowoc, WI to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. Here we are before the kids knew that we were going to take the ferry. Actually, while waiting in a line of cars to get onto the boat, I was complaining to the kids about the traffic jam.

2014-07-27-12h54m31 2014-07-27-12h50m13

The SS Badger

2014-07-27-13h25m22 2014-07-27-13h20m48While waiting for departure on a nice afternoon, we found the drainage for deck water which we threw apple slices down to see where they would shoot out.


Once the ferry began moving, it was a little rainy and a bit windy so we spent most of the time indoors. Dad “found” two coupons for free sodas (the kids kept going back for illegal refills with no problems) and we had snacks, so we were set for the trip. We even got to see a storm in the distance.

2014-07-27-18h35m11 2014-07-27-18h35m37 2014-07-27-14h37m12 2014-07-27-15h22m21 2014-07-27-15h34m39 2014-07-27-15h43m34

Ada appreciated the outdoors more than the other two.

Ada appreciated the outdoors more than the other two.

Arrival in Ludington, Michigan. Warm again.
2014-07-27-18h53m37 2014-07-27-19h00m54


From there we drove through Michigan. Right at midnight, we crossed the border at Port Huron into Sarnia, Ontario.

Ada at the Wells Fargo Museum

We’ve gone to this museum from time to time since the kids were little but we’ve never noticed (or it didn’t exist) a machine that takes your photograph and puts it on pretend currency.

We all did it, but Ada’s is our favourite just because she didn’t realise that she wasn’t tall enough to have here photo taken correctly.

And it was such a nice smile!



Minneapolis United Photo Dump

These are photos from another parent that were taken during the last season – 102 of them.

Yesterday was the last game of the season, and today is the day for tryouts for next year.

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