Google Earth

Google Earth ( is a program that has satellite images of much of the Earth. Here is an image of Southwest High School, where I teach from a height of 4150 feet.

And because my car is such an ugly bright green, it is the only one that can be made out after zooming in a bit.

Department Pictures

Our mathematics department went to get our photo taken today. I sent a few people one of the photos and their responses were “I am….PETRIFIED”, “Oh boy”, “So wrong”, and “Too funny!”. The last one was from a former math teacher, so she understands.

Liam’s Word List

1. No
2. Uh-oh
3. Me
4. Daddy
5. Mommy
6. Go
7. Geh go for wilco

I think that is it for the words he uses often.

He can point to his head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly button, and feet with about 90% accuracy. I think he knows them all 100%, but he gets distracted when we get to the belly button part.

Children’s Museum

You go girl!

Helena loved the horses.

Dad needed a little help

Liam discovering with water

Liam discovering girls

Making light of the situation or future First Avenue soundboard woman

Making dad a plastic dinner

Not quite ready for Metro Transit

Playing with the band

The museum let the kids have their own parade. Here is Helena dressed up

And this is how happy she was to be part of it…much moreso than the other kids, apparently.

Don’t jump!

Finally, Dalen doesn’t get the whole “let the kids discover on their own” theme of the museum. A very dangerous slide, as you can see.


Last weekend we headed up to the Rumppe’s cabin in Outing, MN for a couple of nights. The kids had a great time playing on the docks and throwing rocks into the lake. They also liked the train set that was set up inside.

The bad part of the trip was that Helena was Chubbyless for the first time. She didn’t do so well the first night, but the second night she was a bit better.