Helena is a Mommy

Helena likes to play mommy a lot, and lately when she does, she is “Cecelia”. So Dalen has been singing the song by Simon And Garfunkel to her quite a bit. Sometimes her doll is Cecelia, though, and she is just “mommy”.

Today Helena walked downstairs with a doll and told Dalen that Cecelia is a good girl, and she doesn’t go around breaking hearts.

Helena’s Birthday

Helena’s birthday was Saturday, but she had a party at her daycare on Friday. Dalen couldn’t get the camera to work. Naturally, right before her party the camera breaks. Apparently, it is a common problem because we can send it in for service free. Oh, we could have had the only authorized Nikon dealership in Minnesota…one and a half blocks from our home, but it just closed its doors after decades of service about a month ago. Of course!

So we took pictures with a FILM camera, how retro. But they won’t turn out well because I kept forgetting to turn the flash on. So on Saturday, I used Helena’s digital camera and got these, which are a little poor quality, but at least they are something.

First, Helena grew by about 2.5 inches this year:
Helena and dad made the cake. Helena likes to crack the eggs. One splattered all over her hair, and it needed a good wash in the sink. I’d like to say that Helena frosted the cake.

Helena isn’t too sure about the raincoat that she got from her pop-pop. She did wear it later, though, and liked it quite a bit.
Helena opening her card from mom and dad. Helena loves “Where the Wild Things Are” so we got her a card with a Wild Thing on the front.

Helena is opening her dragon. She also got a prince, princess, horse, and most importantly, a unicorn. Helena loves unicorns. She knows that they aren’t real, but that doesn’t keep her asking me if she can ride on one day about once a week.
Here is Helena opening the big present. Dalen didn’t know what it was either, I think that she was more excited than Helena was as you can see by the picture below.
I had been in a particular toy store in Minneapolis a few times and had thought about getting Helena this toy castle for her. While walking by the store on the way to another, Liam saw Elmo in the store from the sidewalk. On our way back past it, he ran to the door and wanted to go in, so I let him take me. There was a model of the castle on the floor, and Liam immediately began playing with it, so I figured that this was the time. Unfortunately, it was difficult to get Liam out of the toy store.

Baby Number Three Officially Unveiled

Approximately 0.9 inches long and a heart beating 183 times a minute. Just like mine when I look at my wife.

I have no idea what we are looking at. Looks like a bean to me. Dalen had the ultrasound taken early because she was bleeding a bit. Apparently the baby doesn’t mind too much because it is well. As long as it isn’t being splashed with what Dalen is drinking I think it will be okay!

You can click on the image to see it more closely.