Christmas 2006

The calm before the storm. Singlehandedly, we’ve kept America’s economy moving forward.

And they’re off!
Decisions, decisions.

Oooo! Trains.
Liam, what did you get? Good boy!

Helena liked her comfy pants.

Just like his father, Liam wonders why people get slippers.

The onlookers.

More of them.

Helena’s “favorite present”.

Ada gets in on the action.

And begins to eat her gifts.

Aaron with Ada.

Liam takes a break from opening presents to play with his favorite new toy. Aaron 1, Santa 0.

First Snowfall

Liam threw snow all around the back yard.

Helena and I made a snowman. It didn’t last too long, because Liam knocked it over. Helena cried, and we put it back up, but then the weather got warmer… the warmest December on record.