A Thing of Beauty

I took this photo for the bartender who gives me crap because I complain that Tailgate never has decent beer. But in the winter, they get Guinness and Newcastle. Why they can’t have at least one of them all year long is beyond me.

Dinner Conversation

Dad (unaware like the rest of us): Liam, what happened at school today?

Liam:  I cried

Dad (and others): Why?

Liam: Because I got hurt

He tells us that another boy ran into him and he hurt him mouth. Yep, he has a bruise inside his mouth. He decided against telling his teacher.

Ice Skating

At Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis. For the first time, their classes are not at the same time, so Helena and I skate for 30 minutes and then Liam and I skate for the second half-hour. Liam is finally getting a little speed. Helena plays with her friend Olivia and Liam is hanging out with two girls from his kindergarten class and has made a friend who goes to Hale.

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

Our tradition is to put it up while Dalen makes dinner. I’m not sure which takes longer sometimes.

While cleaning the dishes, I cut my finger pretty badly on a can. Not only did I cut the finger while trying to get the remaining half of cream of mushroom soup out of the can, jerking my hand back once I cut it made the soup splash all over my shirt.

I was pleasantly surprised to find $45 worth of never used ornaments when I unpacked the goodies. I bought them on December 26th last year, so the kids had lots of new “toys”.

Liam’s Locker

Liam is pretty neat. He keeps his room clean (makes his bed most mornings) and he gets upset when Ada changes into her pajamas in his room because she leaves her clothes on the floor.  Downstairs, he’s a lot more messy, but he does keep his room neat. He even lines up the growth charts that he has up there against the wall in the exact same manner.

His locker at Minneapolis Kids is also neat. They have to clean them out each night, so it is a clean slate in the morning, but he takes his lunch box out of his back pack (or “pack pack” as Ada calls it) and puts it on the bottom shelf. I taught him to push his jacket and this bag into the locker at the same time so one doesn’t stick out and he does it every day.