Painting the School Rock

We went back to school to paint the rocks out in front of the school that were already covered in a nice purple. Liam’s friend Owen, his brother, and his mom stopped by and they helped out. Plus, they got to climb the tree in front of the school that is up against my classroom window. Liam and Helena were impressed that Owen could climb up to the very top of the tree. I was more impressed that his mother let the younger brother pee against the school building.

St. Anthony Falls

We parked by the Mill City Museum, which the kids have been to, so they know about the fire that gutted it and a bit about the grain elevators. Helena has been to the Guthrie with me to see A Christmas Carol, so that was familiar to her, too. But walking across the Stone Arch Bridge was a blast because they thought that the falls were really great. So that took a little time, but when we got to the St. Anthony side, they became explorers and it is where they had the most fun. They ran up and down, climbed over old walls, skipped rocks into the Mississippi (of course), scared some geese, and walked past our neighbors without even recognizing them. By the time that we got home, they were covered in dirt and mud, Ada had a blister, and Liam had a cut on his head. And they can’t wait to do it all over again.

Early Earth Day

Today was cleanup day for Lake Calhoun, so the kids and I got some gloves and a garbage bag and walked a quarter of the way around the lake picking up trash. Helena explained why it was important, Liam picked up trash, and Ada played with her latex gloves. At one point, she literally ran out of her shoes when she got scared of a dog that was being walked.

After picking up the trash, we sat by the lake at the Tin Fish and ate muffins and drank juice. Then the kids walked out on a pier, watched a bumble bee, then we headed back home.

By the Canoe Rentals

South Side of Lake Calhoun

Liam at School

I had to pick Helena and Liam up at school today about 30 minutes early. The secretary called both rooms but Liam was in the media center with his class, so I had to go pick him up there. Helena met me in the hallway on the way down, so we walked in together. Liam’s class was being read to by the librarian, so I asked another for him. She just told me to go over and get him.

When I asked for him, he came and kids began to say goodbye. As we went around the bookshelves (the kids are seated so that you can’t see them through the library entrance because of the shelves), the kids all stood up and began yelling “Bye Liam! Bye Liam”. Pretty much the whole class joined in and Liam smiled a sheepish smile. The last thing we heard was “Bye Mario!”, which Helena laughed at.

I thought of a parent’s comment concerning Liam when he had his fractured elbow. She had asked if Liam would be comfortable coming to her girl’s birthday party if he would be the only boy in his class that was invited (which Liam did go to). When talking to this parent, I told her that Liam is quite shy at times, but I didn’t think that it was a problem. Then she told me how when Liam had his arm in a cast that he “was very well taken care of” by the other students. I guess that I saw that first hand today in the library and it makes me pleased that he’ll be able to go back to Lake Harriet in the fall.