Three Minutes into a Canoe on the Chain of Lakes

Helena: “Can we do this again by the end of the summer?”

She loves going on the canoe and can do a pretty good job with rowing. Liam, on the other hand, didn’t want to row, was worried that we would tip over, and wondered how the family that started right before us was “so far behind”. I think that he assumed that we all had to go in the same direction.


The kids have been playing all morning long. I was in the kitchen cutting up watermelon for them. Liam and Ada come downstairs and since I was just coming back inside from loading up the compost bin, Ada asked if I was going back outside.

I told her that she and Liam should go outside and that I’ll put the watermelon out there for them. She says, “Yes!”. Then she decides to yell upstairs to Helena (from the back door) as I’m putting the melon outside.

“Helena, come and get watermelon if you want watermelon if you like watermelon!”

I’m walking back inside and raise my eyebrow at her and she sheepishly says,

“Huh, that doesn’t even make sense”

Missing Mario Statue

Last night while driving down Hennepin Avenue, I saw a large statue of Mario on the front lawn of a house. So the next morning I take the kids on a walk to see it. Well, I told them just to see “a statue”. But it was nowhere to be found. At least we got some morning exercise, especially Ada and Liam who doubled Helena and my distance going back and forth on the blocks on their scooters.

Liam and Soccer

For a couple of weeks at the end of the Minneapolis United Soccer, Liam would go to the park and just kick the ball around. Many of the days other kids and sometimes adults would join him. Here he is just practicing by himself, in the dirt. Actually, I think I was playing goalie at this point.

Liam really began playing better at the end of the season. I think once he gets used to dribbling the ball forward rather than just booming it up there, he’ll have a bunch more confidence. That didn’t keep him from scoring a whole bunch of goals this year, though. Probably the most on his team.