Liam’s Lego Tie Fighter

Liam has been building a Lego Tie Fighter this afternoon. He worked on it for about two hours non-stop. It looks just like his earlier version, on paper:

Starting his work on his work bench.

Progress is made.

Finished product

The light sabre

Darth Vader

Are you happy with your rainy afternoon project?


Helena and Ada have been taking a yoga class at Lifetime for a couple of months. They don’t like it very much, particularly Helena, but I pretty much make them go each week.

During Dori’s visit, she went to watch them, and I asked her to take the camera along. They keep the lights pretty low (well, off) for much of the class, so I can’t make fun of her photos even though the last one is dark.

The teacher (who remembers Ada, but not Helena, which bothered her) gave each kid a towel to put over their eyes, perfectly folded. Except Ada just threw her towel over her eyes. And just like she sleeps, she isn’t exactly one to lie down without being at some awkward angle.

The class:


Ada, or some crime victim.

Foshay Tower

I took Dori and the girls up to the top of the Foshay Tower. It was windy and cold, and the girls couldn’t stand it. Besides, the walls of the observation deck are quite tall, so it is difficult for the kids to see much of anything but the sky, which they could certainly see from the ground. We did get to look at the Metrodome’s collapsed roof, though.