Pictures from Ada’s Daycare

The ones that were taken of me (which I didn’t even notice) was when I went to pick Ada up and as she ran to me for a hug, I turned around. Then she would try to do it all over again.

These photos were taken when she had a minor black eye, which seemed to be on her face forever.

Zoo Day

Not many people go to the zoo on crummy weather days, but much of ours is inside, so I took them to go to the Tropics and Minnesota Trails. And the monorail. The weather really did get bad, it was rainy, windy, and cold, so it was nice walking around sans jackets.


Helena Sleeps Until 9:30

Liam is re-re-re-re-rereading his Donkey Kong cheat book. He stops and shows me something every 84 seconds. He’s happy that he got to have Honey Comb cereal this morning.

Ada is making a mess with all her stuffed animals. And she’s reading to them. I ordered her 30 Berenstain Bears books, so she is quite happy.

She’s sleeping vacation away.

Getting Dressed

It was a bit warm (40s) when we were going to a scooter ride. I just had told Helena that wearing shorts was not an option. So she goes upstairs and puts pants on.

Ada, on the other hand goes upstairs and puts a plaid skirt on. When she came down, I said, “No way!” I told her to go upstairs and change out of her skirt and to put it back into her drawer neatly.

So this is how she comes down.

So, no might think it is funny that she is now wearing another skirt. Except it isn’t. I guess when I told her that a skirt was not okay she just assumed that she didn’t have to wear anything.