Day at the Mall

Spitting off the top of the parking garage (it was okay, because it was toward St. Paul)


We were going to go out to lunch when we walked by a restaurant with many televisions in it showing four football games at once. Since Liam couldn’t stop staring, we just ate there.

Helena saw the Lovesac store and wanted to go inside and try some out.

We went to the Mirror Maze exhibit, which the kids liked….four about three minutes.


Playground with the girls

Liam was playing soccer while I was playing with the girls at the playground.

Ada was wearing a cape that I pulled over her head and she couldn’t find her way out.


A favorite of Ada and Helena’s.


Ada loves to climb.


Bocce with Liam

Liam pretty much likes playing any game he can. Soccer, baseball, football, kickball,…. He found the bocce set in the garage and bugged me all day about playing. So during the evening we went over the park to play. The girls weren’t interested at all so they played on the playground until they saw me talking to one of my students who was walking by and who was with some others all dressed up for a school dance. Then they came running over.