My kids love Halloween. I think that they look forward to it as much as Christmas or Easter. So I was excited to be able to take them out again. This year Ada was a princess, Liam was Wolverine (two pictures below because he wanted one with a serious face), and Helena was a vampire, which she had to explain to a lot of people because she didn’t have fangs, despite the fact that she really did look good.

We walked around for an hour and their bags were filled and that was just Colfax and Dupont from 31st to 33rd. So I suggested that we come back home (we were only two short blocks away) and dump everything out, and then go back out again. They thought that was the greatest idea ever – as if we were breaking some rule. So we did, then went back out to Aldrich all the way down to 35th Street and back.

There were a lot of kids out this year – the weather was super nice (upper 40s) – which made it much more fun for the kids although we never did see anyone that we knew.







Liam takes some photos

The community mosaic was being installed across the street at Bryant Square Market and Liam wanted to go see it. His sisters didn’t want to go, so I took him over there and he took some photographs once he practiced with the camera with a shot of the refrigerator.

Later on we went for a walk where Liam took a photo of this “cool” plant….

His sister….

The construction area at Calhoun Square with graffiti….

and the pirate ship at Penzey’s Spices.

After that we went to Puff ‘N Stuff, which was almost out of business and ready to become the Rusty Quarters Arcade. Liam is giving Defender a shot.

Helena and Ada were given dog biscuits by the owners and they played with Bosco for awhile.



Liam has a spelling test tomorrow, but he didn’t have the words so I checked the class webpage to see if they were there. They weren’t, but his teacher did write that the kids learned about right angles and parallel lines.

Dinner was ready right afterward, so I asked Liam about parallel lines. He told me what they were and then began talking about right triangles. Helena said that she remembered that stuff…..acute and obese angles.

It kind of works, though.