On the way back home from swimming lessons, Helena was wondering if her cat’s birthday, which apparently is February 13th, was going to be on a Friday. I told her that it was going to be on a Monday, so she was glad that it wasn’t going to be on a Friday because Friday the 13th is bad luck.

I told her that was a superstition (well, a stupidstitiion) and she began rattling off more, like walking under a ladder (never a good idea, anyway, but she said because paint could fall and poison you!) or a black cat crossing your path (that isn’t bad luck she knew, but she did say that when one crossed in front of the van, later that day Ada fell off her bed).

After a few more superstitions, Liam decides to tell us one: “Don’t let a dog pee on a rug”

Some things never get old

We were going to eat at Ikea before swim lessons, but it was closed for some employee thing, so we went down Nicollet Avenue to find something else. By then we were running late so I saw a McDonald’s with a play land in it so we stopped in.

All three kids could have stayed there playing all night, I think.

Ada’s Lift Ticket

Ada and Liam got to go to Buck Hill for a tubing excursion during Minneapolis Kids. Ada went down three times and Liam five if their memory was correct. They also liked sitting in front of the fire when they were cold.

When I was going to take Ada’s lift tag (or whatever they’re called) off the next morning before school she insisted that it stay on. And that it was facing the right way.

And here is Helena in the hat that she hasn’t taken off in a month. She didn’t go tubing but she went to Benihana where the excitement was that some kid who is generally a troublemaker left the restaurant and ran across the parking lot, wouldn’t come back, so the police had to be called.

Downtown again

As soon as I arrived to get the kids they were asking about Candyland.

They never seemed to get bored of doing the same thing each time we go downtown, although they don’t complain if I throw something new in.

We have always gone to Candyland and then walked through Macy’s to get to the Crystal Court, but the girls have been trying on makeup at Macy’s the last couple of times.

This time we did have to walk down to the library where we bought a bunch of books at the children’s book fair for 50 cents each.