Ada’s Birthday Party

Ada’s friend Aislin came over for Ada’s birthday party. Bubbles, pizzas, cake, necklaces. Ada pretty much always wants just a family birthday party, so it was nice that she invited two girls, one of which couldn’t come.

When I arrived, Liam had already taken over and put Ada’s Lego set together.

Ada’s Birthday

Ada turns 6. The celebrations began a little late because I was supposed to meet everyone at Famous Dave’s for dinner. Since I had to pick up a package at Fed Ex, I biked over to Uptown then parked the bike (Nice Ride) at Lunds, and walked over to the restaurant. Except they weren’t there, so I waited outside. Every ten minutes or so I checked to see if they had come in, but they never did. Finally the host came out and told me that they were at the Linden Hills location. So walk back to the bike, bike back home, then drive to Linden Hills.

Birthday girl.

Hello Kitty and Barbie year.

Liam’s birthday card.

Helena’s card.

Ada really likes this card. It will be in her backpack for school all year long.

I have no idea what Liam is up to here.

Ada likes Skittles. The bag was gone in a couple of days, I think.

Nice photo of the kids singing Happy Birthday.