Minneapolis United Soccer

Liam’s travelling team has a pretty bad year, but I think that this game out in Eden Prairie may have been their lowest point. I don’t think anyone knew how many goals were scored by the other team at this game. Liam came close twice, but nothing went in.

This is a photo which pretty much sums the game up for Liam’s team.


Minnesota Renaissance Festival

We had backstage passes to the fair, which was nice. The kids really liked going up the balcony above a shop to look around. I’m not really sure that they understood that they were pretty much the only ones allowed up there in the whole park, but they ran up whenever they got the chance.

It was a long day, but the kids had fun. Liam and Ada were dressed up a bit as I was. Liam really liked shooting the bow and arrow – he talked about that for days afterward.

Puke and I.

I couldn’t get a very good photograph of the girls on the elephant, but if you look hard, you can see how excited Helena was. Ada was having a great time, too.

Thumbs up!

Helena did her best to get all of the Puke and Snot jokes, but I’m not sure that she understood any of them.

After dropping Helena off at a sleepover, Liam, Ada, and I went to Michelangelo’s Pizza. Ada and Liam played this game of bingo until they realized how many pieces were missing.

Here is Ada showing off some of the cheaper souvenirs that she picked up off the ground at the Renaissance Festival.

Ada’s Homework

Ada forgot about this homework, and I had to go outside in the dark without a flashlight (kids kill the batteries!) to find one. Luckily I remember seeing one out by the car.

But Ada just had so much fun doing this homework. When I told her that she had enough, she wanted to write one more thing. She then put it into her backpack all excited about giving it to her teacher the next morning.

Then when I cleaned out her backpack, I saw it in there, and she said that she never gave it to Ms. Chhun. Well, at least she was excited about it for one night.