I Like Books


Life After Life ◉ Kate Atkinson
All the Light We Cannot See ◉ Anthony Doerr
Inequality ◉ Anthony Atkinson
This is not a Test ◉ Jose Vilson
Living the Secular Life ◉ Phil Zuckerman
A Farewell to Alms ◉ Gregory Clark
Station Eleven ◉ Emily St John Mandel
The Path Between the Seas ◉ David McCollough
Through the Woods ◉ Emily Carroll
Feynman ◉ Jim Ottaviani
Alice Fantastic ◉ Maggie Estep
How We Learn ◉ Benedict Carey
Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio ◉ Amara Lakhous
The Goldfinch ◉ Donna Tartt
What If? ◉ Randall Munroe
Bring Up the Bodies ◉ Hilary Mantel
Naked Statistics ◉ Charles Wheelan
The Handmaid’s Tale ◉ Margaret Atwood


The Cuckoo’s Calling ◉ Robert Galbraith
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk ◉ Ben Fountain
Summer House with Swimming Pool ◉ Herman Koch
Perfect ◉ Rachel Joyce
The Light Between Oceans ◉ ML Stedman
Capital in the Twenty-First Century Thomas Piketty
How We Decide ◉ Jonah Lehrer
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex ◉ Nathaniel Philbrick
The Invisible Gorilla ◉ Christopher Chabris
David and Goliath ◉ Malcolm Gladwell
The  Ocean at the End of the Lane ◉ Neil Gaiman
The Maid’s Version ◉ Daniel Woodrell
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ◉ JK Rowling
The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles ◉ Jeffrey A. Hirsch
Number Sense ◉ Kaiser Fung
In the Woods ◉ Tana French
The Crash of 2016 ◉ Thom Hartmann
The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives ◉ Leonard Mlodinow
The Why Axis ◉ Uri Gneezy
Kick the Balls: An Offensive Suburban Odyssey ◉ Alan Black
Dark Places ◉ Gillian Flynn
Haiti: The Tumultuous History  ◉  Philippe Girard
A Visit from the Goon Squad ◉ Jennifer Egan
Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies ◉ Chris Kluwe
The Smartest Kids in the World ◉ Amanda Ripley
Poor Economics ◉ Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo


Half Empty ◉ David Rakoff
English Passengers ◉ Matthew Kneale
Portnoy’s Complaint ◉ Philip Roth
The Unfinished Game ◉ Keith Devlin
The Man of Numbers ◉  Keith Devlin
Everyman ◉ Philip Roth
Tenth of December ◉ George Saunders
How it all Began ◉ Penelope Lively
The Keep ◉ Jennifer Egan
A Choice of Weapons ◉ Gordon Parks
Where’d You Go, Bernadette ◉ Maria Semple
The Ghost Map  ◉ Steven Berlin Johnson
The Gated City  ◉ Ryan Avent
The Rent is Too Damn High ◉ Matthew Yglesias
The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty ◉ Dan Ariely
Safe from the Sea ◉ Peter Geye
Ready Player One ◉ Ernest Cline
Mack Bolan War Against the Mafia ◉ Don Pendleton
NW  ◉ Zadie Smith
The Joy of x ◉  Steven Strogatz
Wolf Hall  ◉ Hilary Mantel
Heads in Beds  ◉ Jacob Tomsky
Brother of the More Famous Jack  ◉ Barbara Trapido
Stagnation ◉  Tyler Cowen
How I Became a Famous Novelist  ◉ Steve Hely
Arcadia ◉ Lauren Groff
Spirit Car ◉  Diane Wilson
The Uninvited Guests  ◉ Sadie Jones
The Dinner ◉  Herman Koch
How to Read Literature Like a Professor◉ Thomas C Foster


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time ◉ Mark Haddon
The Origin of the Financial Crisis ◉ George Cooper
The Fallen Angel ◉ Daniel Silva
In the Garden of Beasts ◉ Erik Larson
Wild ◉ Cheryl Strayed
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry ◉ Rachel Joyce
The Age of Miracles ◉ Karen Thompson Walker
Gone Girl ◉ Gillian Flynn
Mission to Paris ◉ Alan Furst
Open City ◉ Teju Cole
Unbroken ◉ Laura Hillenbrand
Incognito ◉ David Eagleman
The Darwin Economy ◉ Robert H. Frank
Wrong ◉ David Freedman
Coming Apart ◉ Charles Murray
An Anthropologist on Mars  ◉ Oliver Sacks
A Walk in the Woods  ◉ Bill Bryson
Quiet  ◉ Susan Cain
What the Dog Saw ◉ Malcolm Gladwell
Genghis Khan And The Making Of  The Modern World ◉ Jack Weatherford
Cleopatra: A Life ◉ Stacy Schiff
The Lord of the Flies ◉ William Golding
Thinking, Fast and Slow ◉ Daniel Kahneman
Freedom ◉ Jonathan Franzen
The Grace of Silence ◉ Michele Norris
Super Sad True Love Story ◉ Gary Shteyngart


Outcasts United ◉ Warren St. John
Sister Carrie ◉ Theodore Drieser
The Poisoner’s Handbook ◉ Deborah Blum
Heads in the Sand ◉ Matthew Yglesias
Proofiness ◉ Charles Seife
Spousonomics ◉ Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson
In the Basement of the Ivory Tower ◉ Professor X
The New York City Draft Riots ◉ Iver Bernstein
Death and Life of Great American Cities ◉ Jane Jacobs
The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values ◉ Sam Harris
The Genius in All of Us ◉ David Shenk
The Myth of the Rational Market ◉ Justin Fox
Declaration ◉ William Hogeland
The Disappearing Spoon ◉ Sam Kean
The Making of the Atomic Bomb ◉ Richard Rhodes
Logicomix ◉ Apostolos Doxiadis
Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records ◉ John Cook


Calculated Risks ◉ Gerd Gigerenzer
The Upside of Irrationality ◉ Dan Airely
Ice Land ◉ Betsy Tobin
Priceless : The Myth of Fair Value ◉ William Poundstone
The Living Constitution ◉ David Strauss
Nudge ◉ Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein
Mother Jones ◉ Elliott J Gorn
Gilead ◉ Marilynne Robinson
The Known World ◉ Edward P Jones
Out of the Labyrinth ◉ Robert and Ellen Kaplan
Why Gender Matters ◉ Leonard Sax
Fever Pitch ◉ Nick Hornby
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ◉ Stieg Larsson
Through the Children’s Gate ◉ Adam Gopnik
There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby ◉ Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior ◉ Ori & Rom Brafman
Carter Beats the Devil  ◉ Glen David Gold
The Windup Girl ◉ Paolo Bacigalupi
Manhood for Amateurs ◉ Michael Chabon
The Things They Carried ◉ Tim O’Brien
White Teeth ◉ Zadie Smith
Half-Broke Horses ◉ Jeannette Walls
Superfreakonomics ◉ Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Why England Lose ◉ Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski
Cold ◉ Bill Streeven
The Monsters of Templeton ◉ Lauren Groff
The Elegance of the Hedgehog ◉ Muriel Barbery
A Christmas Carol ◉ Charles Dickens
Flatland ◉ Edwin Abbott Abbott
How the Universe Got Its Spots ◉ Janna Levin
The Man Who Loved China ◉ Simon Winchester


The Professor and the Madman ◉ Simon Winchester
Out of His Skin: The John Barnes Phenomenon ◉ Dave Hill
The Belly of the Atlantic ◉ Fatou Diome
European Football in Black and White ◉ Christos Kassimeris
Netherland ◉ Joseph O’Neill
Brilliant Orange ◉ David Winner
False Economy ◉ Alan Beattie
Tale of Two Cities ◉ Charles Dickens
Thames – The Biography ◉ Peter Ackroyd
The Know-It-All ◉ A.J. Jacobs
A Widow for One Year ◉ John Irving
The Corrections ◉ Jonathan Franzen
The Black Swan ◉ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Forgotten Man ◉ Amity Shlaes
The Best and the Brightest ◉ David Halberstam
Outliers ◉ Malcolm Gladwell
Children of Jihad ◉ Jared Cohen

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay ◉ Michael Chabon
City of Falling Angels ◉ John Berendt
Tea in the Harem ◉ Mehdi Charef
The Struggle for Europe ◉ William I Hitchcock
The European Union◉ Michael Maclay
Kitchen Confidential ◉ Anthony Bourdain
The Ottomans ◉ Andrew Wheatcroft
The World Without Us ◉ Alan Weisman
Secret Life of Lobsters ◉ Trevor Corson
Greeks & Romans Bearing Gifts ◉ Carl J. Richard
FairTax: The Truth ◉ Neal Boortz
Bonk ◉ Mary Roach
The Geography of Bliss ◉ Eric Weiner
The Age of American Unreason ◉ Susan Jacoby
Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren’t Fair ◉ William Poundstone
City of Dreams: a Novel of Early Manhattan ◉ Beverly Swerling
Predictably Irratinoal ◉ Dan Ariely
The World Turned Upside Down ◉ Colin G Calloway
Straight Man ◉ Richard Russo
The Logic of Life ◉ Tim Harford
By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept ◉ Paulo Coelho
Super Crunchers ◉ Ian Ayres
The Bookseller of Kabul ◉ Åsne Seierstad
The Bottom Billion ◉ Paul Collier
The Glass Castle ◉ Jeannette Walls
The Perfect Storm ◉ Sebastian Junger
Among the Thugs ◉ Bill Buford
Freedomnomics ◉ John R. Lott Jr
The Kite Runner ◉ Khaled Hosseini
The Places in Between ◉ Rory Stewart

War in Aquarius ◉ Dennis Kitchin
Ethan Frome ◉ Edith Wharton
The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan ◉ Louis Untermeyer
The Future of Ice: A Journey Into Cold ◉ Gretel Ehrlich
Krakatoa ◉ Simon Winchester
The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies ◉ Bryan Douglas Caplanskip
More Sex is Safer Sex ◉ Steven E. Landsburg
1491 ◉ Charles C. Mann
Thunderstruck ◉ Erik Larson
Suite Fran?ise ◉ Ir?e N?irovsky
A Fine and Pleasant Misery ◉ Patrick F. McManus
Lake Wobegon Days ◉ Garrison Keillor
Night ◉ Elie Wiesel
Beloved ◉ Toni Morrison
Meterorology Today ◉ Ahrens
The Genius Factory ◉ David Plotz
Triangle: The Fire that Changed America ◉ Dave Von Drehle
Red China Blues ◉ Jan Wong
The Bean Trees ◉ Barbara Kingsolver
Letter to a Christian Nation ◉ Sam Harris
How Democratic Is the American Constitution ◉ Robert A. Dahl

Freethinkers ◉ Susan Jacoby
Fahrenheit 451 ◉ Ray Bradbury
Assumptions and Faith ◉ Wayne Roberts
Stumbling on Happiness ◉ Daniel Gilbert
The World Is Flat ◉ Thomas L. Friedman
Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance ◉ Matthew Kneale
Tears of the Giraffe ◉ Alexander McCall Smith
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency ◉ Alexander McCall Smith
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian ◉ Marina Lewycka
Men & Cartoons ◉ Jonathan Lethem
In Our Hands ◉ Charles Murray
City of Fallen Angles ◉ John Berendt
Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris – The Rake Who Wrote the Constitution ◉ Richard Brookhiser
Guns, Germs, and Steel ◉ Jared Diamond
Teacher Man ◉ Frank McCourt
The Works: Anatomy of a City ◉ Kate Ascher
The Undercover Economist ◉ Tim Harford
Talk to the Hand ◉ Lynne Truss
War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War ◉ Fred Anderson
End of Faith ◉ Sam Harris
Jungle ◉ Yossi Ghinsberg
Blink ◉ Malcolm Gladwell
The Children’s Blizzard ◉ David Laskin
Education Myths ◉ Jay P. Greene
The Motorcycle Diaries : Notes on a Latin American Journey ◉ Ernesto Che Guevera
Indecision : A Novel ◉ Benjamin Kunkel

Siddhartha ◉ Herman Hesse
TheWisdom of Crowds ◉ James Surowiecki
The Tipping Point ◉ Malcolm Gladwell
The Fairtax Book ◉ Neal Boortz & John Linder
Devil in the White City ◉ Erik Larson
Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation ◉ Peter L. Bernstein
1776 ◉ David McCullough
The Mystery of Economic Growth ◉ Elhanan Helpman
Doubt ◉ Jennifer Michael Hecht
Desire of the Everlasting Hills ◉ Thomas Cahill
Disgrace to the Profession ◉ Charles Newton and Gretchen Kauffman
Freakonomics ◉ Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
The Gifts of the Jews ◉ Thomas Cahill
Perfectly Legal ◉ David Cay Johnston
The European Dream: How Europe’s Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream ◉ Jeremy Rifkin
The Great Gatsby ◉ F. Scott Fitzgerald
United States of Europe ◉ T.R. Reid
Culture and Prosperity ◉ John Kay
What’s the Matter with Kansas? ◉ Thomas Frank

Life of Pi ◉ Yann Martel
Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts That Built America ◉ Charles Adams
Why Lincoln Matters ◉ Mario Cuomo
How Soccer Explains the World ◉ Franklin Foer
All Quiet on the Western Front ◉ Erich Maria Remarque
A Scandalous History of the Roman Emperors ◉ Anthony Blond
High Tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis ◉ Mark Lynas
Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation ◉ Lynne Truss
History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray American History ◉ Dana Lindaman and Kyle Ward
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin ◉ Gordon S. Wood
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim: Essays ◉ David Sedaris

The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values ◉ Nancy Folbre
How the Irish Saved Civilization ◉ Thomas Cahill
The Viking ◉ Alan Baker
The Da Vinci Code ◉ Dan Brown
The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century ◉ Paul Krugman
Understanding Physics, Volume I ◉ Isaac Asimov
Popular Music From Vittula ◉ Mikael Niemi
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter ◉ Thomas Cahill
Things Fall Apart ◉ Chinua Achebe
The Passions of Andrew Jackson ◉ Andrew Burstein
A Short History of Nearly Everything ◉ Bill Bryson
Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth ◉ Stephen F. Knott

Can Gun Control Work? ◉ James B. Jacobs
To Begin the World Anew: The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders ◉ Bernard Bailyn
Jefferson’s Great Gamble: The Remarkable Story of Jefferson, Napoleon and the Men Behind the Louisiana Purchase ◉ Charles Cerami
Mismatch: The Growing Gulf Between Women and Men ◉ Andrew Hacker
Coal: A Human History ◉ Barbara Freese
Greenback: The Almighty Dollar and the Invention of America ◉ Jason Goodwin
City on Fire: The Forgotten Story of a Disaster That Destroyed a Town and the Landmark Legal Battle That Ensued ◉ Bill Minutaglio
Divided Loyalties: How the American Revolution Came to New York ◉ Richard M. Ketchum
Teamster Rebellion ◉ Farrell Dobbs
Miracle at Philadelphia ◉ Catherine Drinker Bowen
Italy: A Short History ◉ Harry Hearder and Jonathan Morris
Anthem ◉ Ayn Rand
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation ◉ Joseph J. Ellis
Power & Greed: A Short History of the World ◉ Philippe Gigantes
The Basque History of the World ◉ Mark Kurlansky
Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana ◉ Isadora Tattlin
The American Revolution: A History ◉ Gordon Wood
A People’s History of the American Revolution ◉ Ray Raphael
Paris to the Moon ◉ Adam Gopnik
Three Strikes ◉ Zinn, Frank, Kelley
Choosing Civility ◉ P.M. Forni

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