Bike Ride to the Elf House on Lake Harriet

We took some of the beans from Ada’s garden and gave them to the elf that lives in the tree on the bank of Lake Harriet. The kids enjoyed the new playground there and throwing rocks in the lake (trying to skip them, but it was windy), but they especially liked a dog that was in the water chasing ducks. He never did get one, but the ducks still weren’t very happy about it.

Oh, and good news. Calhoun Cycle found where the leak was occurring in Helena’s bike tire. There was a piece of glass embedded in the tire itself that nobody could find (until now). I think I have replaced the tube five times.

Liam Tries Out a New Bike

I had Liam try out a bigger bicycle at the local K-Mart. He was skeptical that he could ride it because he felt it was too big. Well, he rode it
fine, but dismounting was a little difficult. Helena and Ada’s friends were with us and after Liam took off we all heard a very loud crash. There was a large display of stackable plastic coolers that Liam had knocked over while stopping. You can see that he was a little embarrassed about it at the time, but he was soon laughing with the rest of us.