One Direction

We went to the department store to find some comforters for the girls (they didn’t know that I had bought them bunk beds yet) and Helena finally spotted the One Direction perfume that she’s been eyeing for quite some time. Well, the first time that a sample was available.

This was at the time when she had to wear her One Direction beanie wherever she went.


Helena’s Birthday

Helena had her birthday party at the Rollergarden this year, with three friends.

Just like Christmas this year, Helena received lots of Hello Kitty gear.

Unfortunately for me, despite actually checking the battery light on the camera before I left for the party, it ran out of batteries part of the way through. And even after recharging them when I got home, none of the photos from opening gifts at Macaroni Grill later with family appear anywhere on my camera.



Liam has a spelling test tomorrow, but he didn’t have the words so I checked the class webpage to see if they were there. They weren’t, but his teacher did write that the kids learned about right angles and parallel lines.

Dinner was ready right afterward, so I asked Liam about parallel lines. He told me what they were and then began talking about right triangles. Helena said that she remembered that stuff…..acute and obese angles.

It kind of works, though.

Helena’s Practical Joke

We went to see A Wrinkle in Time at the Children’s Theatre tonight and that means that we stopped at A Slice of New York for a pizza beforehand. Since I had to return a call to Dori, I told Helena to call Dori and tell her that were were in New York for a joke while we were in the restaurant.

She only got the voice mail, so she left a message saying that we were in New York.

I had to turn the phone off because we were going to the theatre, but Dori couldn’t get back to us, and thought that we may be in New York. So Dori called Libby to find out what was going on. Then Libby got confused.

After we were home, I called Dori back and explained that it was a joke, but then Libby called. I told Helena to pretend that we were in New York and Helena had her pretty convinced.

Helena was quite proud of herself all evening after that since she had fooled Libby on the phone (she told her that we were at Dori’s and that Dori was in the bathroom, so Libby couldn’t talk to her). With all the excitement Helena had about getting her ears pierced tomorrow, she’s had a pretty exciting day.