“Didn’t Make It!”

This is what Liam and I heard Ada say after there was a very loud noise by the stairs. We ran in to see what had happened.

It just turned out that she was trying to throw a slinky from one side of the room into a box on another side.

Lemonade Stand

The crew. The sign was hastily constructed by Helena initially, until I told her to do a makeover. Then she spent some time on it and it turned out really nicely.

Their second costumer. I missed the first one.

Expanding their services to a drive-thru.

Liam’s Lego Tie Fighter

Liam has been building a Lego Tie Fighter this afternoon. He worked on it for about two hours non-stop. It looks just like his earlier version, on paper: http://www.billtowne.com/?p=2209

Starting his work on his work bench.

Progress is made.

Finished product

The light sabre

Darth Vader

Are you happy with your rainy afternoon project?