Waterpark Day 3

Unfortunately, check out was at 11:00, so we ran down for breakfast pretty early, came back upstairs and got dressed, and we were at the water park when it opened up at 9:00.

Ada ran right back to the pool part where she spent the entire weekend. Liam and Helena actually got wet from the bucket. Oh, and Liam didn’t through any balls in the bucket like he did yesterday because a lifeguard told him not to.

We did gently try to get Ada to go to a different part of the water park, but she wasn’t going to. She did do some rope work, so at least she was making progress.

After checking out (late, since we didn’t really get back to the room until 11:00 and we still had to pack) we went on a chilly but sunny morning to play miniature golf. And dad even won a free game due to some luck from a spinner and two holes in one.

Here’s the video of the bucket of water tipping over with Liam’s beach balls in it before he was told not to do it.

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Waterpark Day 2

Breakfast in the morning.

Then swam for over two hours.

I then was going to drive to an A&W restaurant in Nisswa that is now closed. Bummer. So we went to lunch at BW3, which Liam loved because of all the televisions. I tried spitting a spitball out of a straw at a poster hanging above us and Liam noticed that it bounced off. About five minutes later I noticed that it was on the ceiling. The kids were laughing like mad over that. We’re lucky we weren’t kicked out for all that.

By now it was still raining, so my reason for going out – the miniature golf course – was scuttled and we went back to swim once again. And then the kids watched some television.

Then we went down to the lobby/restaurant area and played card games again. Last night was spoons and Rat-a-Tat Cat. Tonight it was Loot (which we call “Lot” since Liam had a difficult time of it when we first began playing) and Duck, Duck, Bruce. Helena laughed at the drunk people and we witnessed some both the police and emergency personnel come into the place at different times throughout the night but I don’t think either was very serious.

When it was time for bed, they all fell asleep in about 15 seconds.

Waterpark Day 1

I picked the kids up from school early to beat the traffic to Brainerd. We went to a water park that was new to us, a Holiday Inn in Baxter, across the street from The Lodge water park.

Ada was a bit more timid than usual. No waterslides for her this time.

When on the way up I mentioned dinner, the kids told me that they had already talked about going to China Garden, which we went to last time and all ended up with stomach aches. Apparently not bad enough from them wanting to go again.

And no ear aches or other bumps and bruises this year!



I surprised the kids with an end of the school year trip to the Waterpark of America. I also surprised Helena by asking her friend Elaina along. Her mother dropped her off at Khan’s where we were eating before going to swim. Helena was quite surprised. Both Elaina and her mother were surprised that Helena had no idea that she was coming. Unfortunately, Liam’s friend couldn’t come because his parents were out of town.

Ada liked the wave pool. Right now it is calm.

Ada loves when Liam will go down the slide with her. You can’t tell, but they’re having a blast.

You can almost see the delight on Ada’s face here.

Back in the room.

Helena and Elaina.

Eventually, Elaina’s goggles were lost in the lazy river.

While on a trip in the lazy river, Elaina began splashing Liam and me.

Liam was getting the worst of it, though.

But then she got stuck underneath a waterfall. Ha ha!

The two girls running away.

Ada by her kiddie slide.

Looking for those goggles.

Water Park

The kids and I went up to Brainerd once again since Liam has finally swam the length of the 25 metre pool. I’ve promised the water park to the kids if he could do it.

Our room, the Walleye Pike.

We went swimming the first night, three times the second day, and third morning. The first time that I had the camera out was actually in the game room that they all wanted to go to.



With the tickets, along with some other things, Liam got two more parachutists that we threw around the lobby.

We also went to the town of Nisswa after failing in our quest for a miniature golf course.

Some breakfast pictures. Ada would only eat the Fruit Cheerios. Helena wanted the muffins. Liam at a “normal” breakfast of sausage, eggs, and potatoes, but had to wait a bit for it to be ready.

And finally some pictures of the water park. Ada loved the slides, Liam met a friend (Ari, although Liam never really asked him and we laughed at him for not knowing). Helena like the big slide, the hot tub, and the lazy river. But she likes the water park near the Mall of America better.

End of the trip:


Waterpark of America

These photos were taken at 9:30 after five hours in the water park (we did spend 30 minutes of it eating).

But they could smile one more time before we went back to the hotel room. It was at this time when I told each of the kids to grab their shoes over and over. Liam still left his. The next morning as we were getting ready to go was when he couldn’t find them. He “looked” for them in the hotel room by standing in the same place. I sent him into the lost and found in the water park. He came back out with his shoes on.

This was the water park that I bought a coupon for that had closed a week after I purchased it. I couldn’t find the number anywhere, called the Sheridan reservation system who told me “We’re not affiliated with them anymore” and when I looked further I found, using Google News, that it has closed down.

Here are the kids in front of the waterslide that we all went down together.